Hexafly™ is an award-winning insect producer in Ireland. It uses pioneering bio-conversion technology to produce sustainable, nutrient-dense, protein to feed our planet’s hardest-working plants and animals. Its Hexafrass product is a high-quality bio-stimulant and soil amendment derived from insect castings collected from the black soldier fly. 

Szałas Agro was created within the family-owned Import-Export J.A. Szałas company, offering specialised nutritional and growth stimulating products for plants. It offers a range of innovative fertilisers and biostimulants, which effectiveness is confirmed by long-term use in countries with highly advanced horticultural production.

Ceres Sistemas is a specialist in the topics of Irrigation, Soils, Agroclimatology, Ecophysiology and Fruit Culture with more than 30 years of experience as an academic and researcher.

SmartPD is a company that contributes to the successful development and optimisation of the projects’ results of our clients through the delivery of integral services, implementing information technologies in its value chain.

FreeTrade Consulting is a qualified company that can manage, coordinate and supervise professional services in Peru that attend the preliminary and future needs of your business or entrepreneurship.

TerraCiclo is an innovative system for automated on-site composting and growing of food. It integrates a system of sensors that capture data of the composting and growing process to generate optimum conditions, which allows the TerraCiclo System to offer an impactful circular recycling experience.

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