Our combined experience as a team of international agronomists and engineers is our most important asset.

Customised fertiliser & biostimulant programmes and crop advice for optimum yield, quality and shelf-life.

Liquid grade polymer for direct use in drip irrigation systems to save up to 30% water.

Mathematical modeling for the assessment of crop performance under different climate change scenarios, crop water requirements, degree days, chill hours, suitability of edaphoclimatic conditions for species and cultivars, amongst others.

Experts in advising on the best nutrient solutions for hydroponic systems growing vegetables and herbs.

We help agricultural input providers introduce and expand their customer base internationally. We look for the right partner in LATAM, MENA and China.

Let’s do something great together

“We asked for special fertiliser programmes for soft fruit. We and our customers couldn’t be happier.”

Jan Szalas, Szalas Agro

“We started distributing a key technology to secure yields amid the worst drought in decades.”

Patricio Tellechea, Hortifeeds Chile

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